Monoslide80 sliding doors could just as easily be described as Moving Walls. The Monoslide80 is incredibly versatile and is suitable for a wide range of design applications. Panels run along a single track and can navigate around multiple corners before parking remotely.

This unique moveable glazed partition operates in a slide-and-stack system and is constructed from highly insulated thermally broken sections.

Each panel is designed to slide easily around corners of any angle between 90° and 270° into a remote stacking area.

Varied stacking options are available to suit your project, with the stacking area located behind a fixed panel, leaf door or a building wall or recess.

The Monoslide80 is able to achieve such high insulation values due to the significant thermal separation between inside and outside. This separation is provided by polyamide thermal breaks with dented profiles plus foam inserts and seal gaskets with extended flap multi-chamber profiles.

This distinctive system can incorporate integrated tilt and turn doors or windows within a sliding panel providing easy access and/or ventilation solutions.

In most applications and due to its design, the entire system can be secured with one locking shoot-bolt handle allowing expeditious operation.

The option of no visible external ironmongery is available.

Externally the edge of the Monoslide80 profile is squared, whereas with its thinner profiled counterpart the Monoslide60 external edge is curved.

Features: All casements are fitted with a retractable weather seal at the top and bottom of each panel. This ‘extender gasket’ is activated with a flat handle on the inside of the inside of the service door and corner elements, on all other sliding elements the mechanism is hidden in the profile rebate. Elegant design includes narrow sightlines and shadow joints between casements

Please note: Monoslide projects go through a secondary engineering stage, therefore lead times are slightly more than other Sunparadise sliding or folding systems