This slide-and-stack system of modular thermally broken aluminium panels is unique to Sunparadise.The individual doors are designed to slide easily around corners of any angle between 90° and 180° into a remote stacking area.

This exceptional system offers endless options for opening and configuration.Monoslide60 panels run on a single track with the benefit of flush-close frames and can navigate around multiple corners before parking remotely.

The individual door leaves can stack internally behind a hinged door, a fixed panel or wall, or discretely into a recess.High grade interlocking seals ensure excellent weather rating and flush tracks are a standard feature.

This distinctive system can incorporate integrated tilt and turn doors or windows within a sliding panel providing easy access and/or ventilation solutions.

In most applications and due to its design, the entire system can be secured with one locking shoot-bolt handle allowing expeditious operation. Coupled with the option of no visible external ironmongery, the Monoslide60 is a streamlined contemporary choice.

Externally the edge of the Monoslide60 profile is curved, whereas the Monoslide80 external edge is squared.

Please note: Monoslide projects go through a secondary engineering stage, therefore lead times are slightly more than other Sunparadise sliding or folding systems